23 February 2010

shaking off the cobwebs

has it really been since august that i posted around here?

geez...tempus fugit.

anyway, i think that a few updates are in order:

1/ dippy the wondercat passed away yesterday. he was 22 years old, my constant companion and my little brother. while i'm sad and heartbroken, he is in a better place now (what my friend meghann call's kitty valhalla...i rather like that, don't you?). i am also very grateful for all the joy and wisdom that he brought to my life. how did he bring me wisdom, you ask? well, it's very simple. dippy always slept in my bed. this meant that i could not ever ever ever close my bedroom door. so, if i were to boil this down to an ENO oblique strategy, it would be this:

always keep the door open.

can you see the wisdom in that? this is wisdom that i hope to apply for the rest of my days. if you like it, feel free to steal it and pass it on. you'll be glad you did.

2/ the haunted house feature film has hit a bit of a snag: we (jamie, chris and i) finally figured out that we don't know what we're doing yet. so, instead of embarrassing ourselves and wasting a lot of time making mistakes and a shitty movie, we have decided to postpone the film. instead, we are working on short films. the purpose of these short films will be to learn our craft and to tell great stories in the short form. over a relatively short period of time, we hope to build a massive portfolio. this way, when it comes time to do our feature, we'll have something to show whoever we want to involve. jamie and i are working on two scripts that are potential short film projects. the goal is to roll camera on one of them starting this summer.

3/ i finally got the camera and final cut pro. i need to learn how to use both.

4/ i'm reading brian eno's biography, on some faraway beach. it is magnificent.

5/ lost is currently in it's final season. if you're not watching it, you should be ashamed of yourself. it is, quite simply, the best story ever made for television.

6/ i'm currently listening to roxy music. aren't you jealous?

that is all for now. i have a few ideas for future posts, but i'm keeping them close to the vest for the time being. i need to carve out time to work on them.

for right now, though, it's time to spend the day healing.

i command all of you to get out into the world today and do good things.