18 August 2009

(slight) always returning

still marooned in KS.

very very tired.

no additional movement on script, but i figured out how to work the dialogue in the scene i'm on. i figured it out while i was in the shower.

i've now seen the first three series of "MI-5", which is a bloody amazing bbc show.

volume three of the library of congress' ongoing collection of philip k. dick novels is out. all three volumes were edited by jonathan lethem.

half-price books, located in KS, is also bloody amazing...they've been getting a lot of my business lately.

currently reading "inherent vice" by thomas pynchon...very interesting...it feels a lot like the coen brothers.

i'm on a british avant garde music kick lately, particularly the stylings of soft machine and egg.

this week is h.p. lovecraft's birthday, so go out to your local bookstore and pick up one of the plethora of his collections.

"inglourious basterds" opens this weekend...i hope that the local drive-in will be getting it, but i'm not holding my breath.

october can't get here soon enough.