14 July 2009

haunted house script update

just finished prologue scene 1 of the script.

celtx is an amazing piece of software that takes care of all the screenplay formatting. it really helps a neophyte screenwriter, such as myself, stay on task.

next, i'll tackle prologue scene 2.

ever onward.


shaun said...

Greetings. Love the title of you blog--I immediately thought of the Eno song--my favorite. Along with By This River. Thanks for joining my Freezine. You've got an interesting blog here.

Root Mean Squared said...

Many thanks!

I've been following your posts on JS's message board for a few years now. I used to post on there awhile back...I forget which name I used. You and I responded to each other regarding our mutual love for King Crimson.

Eno is, without a doubt, my favourite musician. In honor of the Apollo 11 anniversary, I listened to "Apollo" last night (followed by "On Land" and "The Plateaux of Mirror"). As you can tell by the title of my blog, "Apollo" is my favourite Eno album.

Anyway, thank you for joining my blog. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.