29 June 2009

brief update

i'm finally starting to settle in my temporary home at overland park, KS.

a few minor updates:

1/ in my spare time, i've been watching a LOT of films. my main focus has been on french new wave cinema, particularly the works of godard and melville. i hope to write in more detail about this later.

2/ i have less than 100 pages left to read in j.g. ballard's crash. this is my second time reading it. the first time was over ten years ago during the spring term of my senior year at michigan tech. i'm liking it a lot better the second time around.

3/ i've finally started work on my second short film. it's another music video and even more esoteric than the first one. (aside to jamie and chris: i'm not using the adrian belew track, i'm using one of my own songs...it makes the film more personal and, best of all, it fits better with what we discussed at our last meeting.) i hope to finish the rough cut by the end of the week.

4/ i start writing my part of the haunted house script this weekend.

5/ neil marshall's doomsday is fucking amazing. it's insane and you need to put it at the top of your list of must see movies.

6/ i also finally watched master and commander. expect to hear more from me about this film. it is a delight to watch. also, it is absolutely criminal that it didn't do better at the box office.

well, dinner is on.

more later.

25 June 2009

bottom feeders: a new rant

from the satellite office in overland park, KS:

i'm sitting here alone in the apartment that my employers have provided for me during my stay. i am watching CNN. i'm not a big fan of CNN, but it's late in KS and i needed some background noise while scrounging around on google, gathering tidbits for my latest top secret project.

they have been reporting about michael jackson's death non-stop for the past three hours. at first, it was just a bunch of talking heads over archival footage of MJ.

at 8pm central, larry king came on. he started with the same talking head style, interviewing the likes of cher and celine dion. again, nothing too earth-shattering.

then, at about half-past, a reporter from ET (that bastion of banal infotainment "news") came on and said that ET had obtained an "exclusive" photo. this photo, which larry king put on screen for the world to see, showed a medium shot of MJ on a stretcher as the EMTS are trying to resuscitate him.

a few minutes later, CNN showed live footage of the helicopter that was transporting MJ's remains to the coroner.

let's think about this: a news agency took the time to find out which helicopter was providing transport, scrambled their own helicopter and followed it.

gentle readers, we have reached a new low.

you want to know why the world is in its current situation?

i believe that the issues that i raised above give us a clue.

the actions of ET don't surprise me. those twisted fuckers have always been bottom feeders.

however, i have a personal message that i would like to give to CNN:

we are fighting two wars, on the verge of economic collapse, in the midst of conflicts with north korea and iran, and, on top of all of that, our health care system is imploding. you have spent the past FOUR hours reporting on an ONE hour's worth of information.

you need to get your fucking priorities straight.

understand, i take absolutely nothing away from the contributions that michael jackson made to music. his work with motown and the jackson 5 alone justifies all of the accolades.

however, the past few hours have reinforced something that i've been feeling for awhile now:

agencies such as CNN, Fox News and ET need to go. they aren't helping the world, they're part of the problem.

and don't even get me started about jon and kate.