23 May 2009

advice about the weight of "originality"

a recurring topic that comes up between jamie and me is "originality". jamie's opinion (and i'm paraphrasing from memory, so if i got this wrong jamie, feel free to set me straight in the comments) is that everything has been done, so take what you need from your influences and put your own spin on them.

i tend to agree with jamie on this. during my internet travels today, i went to bill bruford's blog and he had this to say.

putting the idea of originality in this perspective actually takes a load off of my shoulders. everything's already been done? great! i can just get on with telling my story and not worry about whether or not it's original.

17 May 2009

"The Last Haunted House" Update

we are now finished with the 3rd draft of the scene-by-scene breakdown.

unless we find something wrong with the breakdown at the last minute, we are finally moving to the script stage. jamie, chris and i have been building towards this for the past five years. we are going to briefly pause at this point for the following reasons:

1. we haven't shown any of this to chris yet and still need to get his blessing on what we've come up with.

2. we need to figure out how we're going to actually write it (i.e. one of us does a complete draft and passes off to the other for polishing, or we split up the scenes between us and then stitch them together at the end, etc.).

make no mistake about it, though:

this is a BIG moment.

during this pause in the action, i'm going to take the opportunity to write the smaller pieces that we'll need for the film. these are what i'm calling "sub-scripts" that are scenes unto themselves. they involve TV and radio newscasts that appear briefly throughout the film. they will be filmed separately and then woven into the fabric of the main film. these sub-scripts will keep me busy and allow me to get practical experience writing screenplays.

ever onward.

14 May 2009

a general update on varied things

once again, i've been neglecting this place. here are a few random updates:

1/ the season five finale of lost did not disappoint. it's going to be a LONG wait until january 2010, which is when the sixth and final season premieres.

2/ i am nine episodes into j.j. abrams' new series fringe. this is a terrific show. abrams and his co-conspirators alex kurtzman and roberto orci have taken the best aspects of the x-files and created something fresh.

3/ i recently finished reading the forever war by joe haldeman. this is one of those classic science fiction novels that i hadn't had the chance to get to until now. it is labeled "classic" for good reason. the novel is a metaphor of haldeman's experiences serving in the vietnam war. st. martin's press recently reprinted the forever war and can be found at any reputable book seller.

4/ i haven't made any further progress with the scene-by-scene due to lack of time and exhaustion. however, i plan to rectify this tomorrow. it's my day off and i plan to use it productively.

that's it for now.

04 May 2009

the tarantino mixtape

this is truly a sight to behold:

Eclectic Method - The Tarantino Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

please treat yourself and watch this. whoever did this is a mad mad genius. this video really opens up the possibilities of video as art.

watch and comment below...i wanna get a discussion going about this.