29 March 2009

Advice from Eno

"Slow preparation, fast execution."
-Brian Eno, Oblique Strategies

advice worth following for our film making adventure.

23 March 2009

A Beginning

finally started the scene-by-scene breakdown of the haunted house project today. didn't get far, but that's okay. the intent was to start as soon as i got home from work. however, the weather was amazing, so i took advantage of it and went for a nice cleansing walk. i'm glad i did, because i figured out what to do in the opening credits scene. it's not earth-shattering, but it's a great way into the story (personal note to jamie: i'll explain the specifics when next we meet). by the time i got back from my walk, fixed a light supper and got down to writing, it was about quarter to eight.

getting tired, so i've decided to knock off until tomorrow.

in other news, i met with chris last week and he's fully on board with what we're doing. he made some helpful suggestions that tweak a few scenes.

jamie, chris and i figure that, barring unforeseen events (acts of God, etc), we'll be ready to start principle photography during summer of 2010. the reason that we're waiting a year (just over, actually) is that we really want to make sure that we know our stuff. in addition to getting the script right, we need to learn the camera. (aside: it turns out that the camera i spoke of in the last post is the EXACT camera that chris has, which is what we used to shoot "word virus (fever freaks)".) we'll be shooting a LOT of short films over the course of the year.

miles to go, but it's worth the trip.

12 March 2009

various stuff

so, my south africa gig fell through. long story, won't go into big details here. the short of it: the position ended up going to a co-worker who claimed he was keeping it at arms length. and i'm angry.

now that we got that out of the way, i'm moving on.

i'm using my forthcoming tax returns to buy a digital camcorder. specifically, this one. i think it's similar to what chris has. i'll get complete control over the depth of field. and, it shoots in 24fps. (this is the cinema mode that simulates 24 frames per second...it makes it look like film stock.)

getting the camera will mean that i can start film projects at will. i have a few other ideas for shorts that i'll be discussing with jamie over the weekend.

jamie and i are getting closer to script-writing time. we need to start the scene-by-scene breakdown (hopefully this weekend).

i was disappointed with how small the "word virus (fever freaks)" video ended up turning out. so, i started a you tube account. here's the link to a larger version of the video:


in other news, the lovely sarah is working on liner notes for my album. to say that i'm geeked for this is a bit of an understatement. oh, and speaking of sarah, you really should visit her blog here. an excellent writer, that one.

and now, i'm off to watch more episodes of house.

07 March 2009

Word Virus (Fever Freaks)

i am very pleased to finally unveil our first film short. it's a music video for one of the tracks off of the album that i recorded a few years ago (called "beautiful decay"). the track is called "word virus (fever freaks)".

this is the footage that chris shot back in october. i edited it in january.

so, without further ado:

Word Virus (Fever Freaks)
Music by Root Mean Squared
Directed by Christopher Beal
Edited by Joseph M. Rozner

in other news, jamie came over earlier today. we finalized the haunted house outline and are now moving into the scene-by-scene breakdown. i think we're onto something.

04 March 2009

new project update

it seems that moneyeyes' burst of creativity is rubbing off on me. remember that project that i've been talking about?

well, i've finally started shaking phase I of it loose. phase I isn't done yet...but i have a rough sketch of it.

no time table on completion...that all depends on that pesky fickle muse of mine.

hopefully, i'll have enough of it roughed out to show to moneyeyes for a consult on saturday.

01 March 2009

Yet Another Update

apologies for the lack of updates around here. lots of stuff going on:

*one of my best friends jamie (aka moneyeyes) has a new blog that can be found here. treat yourself and check it out.

*the new project that i spoke of in my last post hit a bit of a snag. the audio is the main hold-up (due to lack of inspiration and minor earaches). hopefully, i'll be able to shake this one loose soon.

*madtoad and i have made progress on the haunted house script. revisions to the outline have been handed in to madtoad and i'm awaiting his response. once we get the outline ironed out, we'll proceed to the scene-by-scene breakdown. then, finally, the script.

*for those of you who don't already know, there is a possibility that i'll be moving south africa for a year. there is a project opening for my current employers and i've applied for it. the project is interesting and the pay is substantial. i hope to find out whether or not i got the position this week.

*everyone within the sound of my voice needs to see "watchmen" when it comes out on friday. i can't see it in the theaters, so you need to see it for me. everything points to this one being a winner. gather your friends and see it during opening weekend. see it so that the movie studios get the message that we want to see more films like this.

more later.