23 December 2008

blogus interuptus part quatro: a preamble of things to come

time flies. due to extreme exhaustion, i've, yet again, been neglecting my happy home here.

there is a light at the end of the tunnel (not an on-coming train, i hope): i'm on vacation starting friday afternoon. i already have a few essays planned. i've been immersing myself in the works of francis ford coppola. specifically, i've been watching "apocalypse now redux" and "the conversation" a LOT lately. and, i have things to say about them. related to this, i've been re-reading my walter murch books.

all of this is in preparation for how i plan to spend at least part of my two week vacation: editing footage.

you see, my hope is to use my vacation to recharge my batteries and refill my artistic reservoir. both of these are on EMPTY. much of this is my fault: too many video games, not enough sleep, too much time being angry about the world (economy, specifically).

so, i've been gearing up for this over the past few weeks. i've tapered my video game playing down...not completely, but definitely less than the past few months. i've also been watching films that are challenging. i started with david lynch (specifically, blue velvet and inland empire). then, without really thinking about it or questioning it, i moved on to "apocalypse now redux" and "the conversation". all of these films (with the exception of "the conversation", which is a new acquisition) have been in my personal collection for a while now. the one thing that these films have in common (besides being amazing) is that they DEMAND my attention. i cannot be a passive viewer.

with luck and a little hard work, i'll be able to start my "redux" essay tomorrow night (after budget balancing and christmas gift wrapping).