04 November 2008


i am so VERY proud to be an american.

i never thought that i would hear myself say those words, but there they are.

i've been watching cnn for the past few hours. i thought that this election night would drag on. at at 10:59pm, wolf blitzer announced that more results would be coming in. never in my wildest dreams did i expect to see the words "barack obama elected president" at 11:00pm.

we are the nation that has been ruled by FEAR for the past eight years.

we knew that this was going to be an historic election. for the first time in our nations history, we found ourselves at a very abrupt and literal fork in the road.

and tonight, all at once, we have joined together and have chosen HOPE.

i quote captain malcolm reynolds of the firefly class transport serenity:

we have done the impossible and that makes us MIGHTY.

remember that this is only the beginning. we've got a long hard road ahead...we've got an economy to fix and fences to mend all over the world.

tonight, though, i think that we've gotten a hell of a good start.

let's get to work.

03 November 2008

general update

*chris and i got together over a week ago and shot about 10 minutes of footage around downtown ann arbor in a few cool back alleys. i am now in the midst of learning the ropes of i-movie (when i'm not distracted by WoW, that is).

*the new fripp/eno remasters are FANFUCKINGTASTIC. i hope to write more about them in the near future. suffice it to say that they're well worth tracking down (i got mine at wazoo records here in ann arbor, but i also found them at borders, fyi).

*i've just discovered a band called "of montreal". you really need to check them out.

*i'd like to take this opportunity to give a hearty welcome to burns, web mistress of the blog "the rumpus room". she's a dear friend and an excellent writer. make with the clicky and add her blog to your bookmarks.

*no breakthroughs with my ear problems yet. i'm still getting bi-weekly acupuncture treatments which are helping a lot. for the first time since the injury, i listened to my album last week. i'm happy to report that, as long as i keep the volume at a moderate level, i can safely listen to it. it's strange, but i feel like those songs were recorded by someone else a long long time ago. i'm still in love with the album. i'm getting to a place where i want to release it into the wild. (sarah, keep those liner notes handy...i'll be needing them soon.)

*when i'm finished editing and i show the results to chris, i will share it with you.

*last but not least: tomorrow is a VERY VERY important day. not to sound like a PSA, but get out there and vote. for maybe the first time in our country's history, we're at a definitive crossroads. get out there and take a stand. i'll probably have more on this tomorrow or the day after that.

more later.