29 March 2008

frakking wireless network and other observations

my new wi-fi router/500GB external hard drive arrived via fed-ex this week. i tried getting it to work today.

the emphasis is on "tried".

i plan on calling my dad tomorrow to talk me through it because, after shouting "fuck" for an hour, the word has lost its meaning.

in other news:

*i finished the murch book "behind the seen" this afternoon. what a great book. it is also humbling in many respects. i'm actually afraid to use final cut pro now. i think i need to cut my editorial teeth on something much simpler such as i-movie before i dive into the ocean of final cut pro. and i think i have an idea of something that i can do myself. while i was cleaning my bathroom, i thought of an absolutely silly idea for a short film that i can do myself. (if you're going to come up with silly ideas, you might as well do so while doing something as banal as tidying a bathroom.) the working title of this short film is "the multiple personalities of joey (or, how i got into an argument with myself...and lost)". it should be fun. no script per se, but i'll be able to cut my teeth on basic editing techniques.

*the two disc special edition of "the mist" came out on tuesday. i implore everyone who reads this to seek it out and watch it at your earliest convenience. specifically, you need to see the black and white version on disc two. this is what frank darabont (the writer/director who also made the shawshank redemption and the green mile) calls his preferred director's cut. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that this film will, years from now, be heralded as one of the great horror films of our generation. watching this film is like going nine rounds with ali or foreman. and the ending is the knockdown left hook followed by the right uppercut. without spoiling it, this is one of the ballsiest ways to end a film. after finishing the film, i paced around my apartment for twenty minutes, not knowing what to do with myself. if you appreciate great horror cinema, please treat yourself to this film. you won't be sorry.

and now, i need to watch some twilight zone before bedtime.

22 March 2008

writing and the return of a long absent friend

i have started work on the official script outline. upon completion, i will email it to chris for him to look over, revise, give notes, etc.

there is one thing that i had forgotten prior to the start of this project:

writing is hard.

and it doesn't matter what kind of writing it is. it could be songs, essays, blogging, you name it. writing is hard.

and to this i say: bring it on. i've been thru panic attacks, hypersensitive ears that ache at everyday sound, mind-numbing group therapy sessions -

{third person omniscient narrator: joey continues to ramble on and on about all of the stuff that he's "been through". he does tend to go on. no one can quite figure what he is always on about. that is why i felt the need to chime in. allow me to introduce myself. i go by many names...some call me the central scrutinizer...but, mostly, i'm just your humble narrator. i chime in every now and again whenever joey, our host, decides to go off on one of his tangents. speaking of which, let's pop back and see if he's finished...}

- plate tectonic shifts, ice ages, floods, volcanic eruptions -

{third person omniscient narrator: nope. he's still going. wow, he's really working up a lather. folks, he might be awhile. so we'll just let him go and cut this entry short.}

(in this entry, the role of third person omniscient narrator was played by alec baldwin.)

and so it begins...again...

the next phase has begun.

my new macbook pro arrived on thursday. it is absolutely beautiful. and, in the grand tradition of giving all of my computers nordic names, i have dubbed it:

odin bjorn josephsson

still waiting for the wi-fi router/external hard drive to arrive. it should get here this week.

i have also finally finished redecorating my room. i am now surrounded by giger paintings and amazing film posters. the rearranging and redecorating have now made my room conducive to creativity.

photos are forthcoming.

18 March 2008

the one two punch

two immensely talented artists died today.

arthur c. clarke, author of the classics "childhood's end" & "2001 a space odyssey" (amongst countless others), passed away at the age of 90.

anthony mingella also passed away today at the age of 54. he directed the english patient, the talented mr. ripley and cold mountain. he was also a talented screenwriter.

both of these gentlemen have influenced my artistic endeavours and leanings.

i have been reading arthur c. clarke books since i was in grade school. i read 2001 when i was in the eighth grade...i first saw the film version much much earlier than that.

i haven't seen very many of minghella's films, but i will say that the talented mr. ripley is one of the most effective thrillers in recent years. he also had the good taste to hire walter murch (the subject of many of my blog entries) as a collaborator. it is strange timing...i just started reading "beyond the seen" over the weekend. i've also been thinking about watching the english patient.

so, please raise a glass for both of these artists. they will be missed.

to close this post out, i leave you with clarke's three laws:

1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

3.Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

finally, when asked about UFO's, clarke had this to say:

"They [UFO's] tell us absolutely nothing about intelligence elsewhere in the universe, but they do prove how rare it is on Earth."

very quick film notes

here are some quick film notes before i get back to work:

1/ on the way to work this morning, i listened to a fascinating segment about digital colouring in film. here is the link:


this opens up a few ideas that chris has in relation to the colour palatte of our film (ala mario bavo or dario argento).

2/ the digital colouring segment also sparked an idea to perhaps digitally grade our film as well. i, of course, have no idea how to do that...yet. (see documentary features on the fellowship of the ring extended edition for what i'm talking about.)

3/ read a comic book adaptation of alan moore's the courtyard. this is one of his lovecraft stories. just trying to get an idea of how to properly do a story in the lovecraft mythos. not looking to crib anything from moore's story at all...just trying to get an overall feel for things.

now, back to my day job.

16 March 2008

moving forward

we have seen some movement on the film project.

yesterday, i visited chris at the partridge creek apple store in clinton township. he was able to get me a discount on a new macbook pro and a 500GB time capsule (this is a combination external hard drive, wi-fi base station and router). chris is also going to be getting me additional memory for a substantial discount and final cut studio / logic studio for gratis.

in addition, he has informed me that he is holding off on purchasing the camera. however, this is because he has a friend who already owns a camera...and this friend wants to help us with the film. so, we now officially have a director of photography. i also met one of chris' work friends by the name of chelsea. both chelsea and her boyfriend are artists. they will be doing the storyboard work for the film. finally, i met another work friend of chris named crystal. she is a trained theater actress and will be playing one of the main five characters in the film.

so, i go to get a computer and it turns out that we have started accumulating cast and crew without breaking a sweat.

i was going to purchase the final draft screenwriting program. however, i was able to find a freeware program that does the exact same thing:


i have also started reading "behind the seen" by charles koppelman. this book is an account of how walter murch edited anthony mingella's film "cold mountain" using final cut pro. it is also about how final cut pro has changed the film industry.

based on advice from chris, i am going to read lovecraft's "dream quest of unknown kadath" and "beyond the wall of sleep". lovecraft's dream cycle will help me add a surrealistic feel to the film.

ever onward.

09 March 2008


spent the last hour pouring over the book "h.r. giger's biomechanics". amazing images. i also ordered a few giger posters online. i'm planning on redecorating my room a bit...make it more conducive to creativity. the first step was to throughly clean and reorganize my room. i did this a few weeks ago.

also found out on friday that i'm getting a bonus check at work. this will pay for the new computer. borders made a mistake with the order for the walter murch book "beyond the seen". the manager stated that, since i was given a seven day agreement from them, i will be getting the book free of charge.

now that's service.

upon receipt of the new computer, first step will be to complete a detailed script outline for the film. then, i start digging into the screenplay.

i'm setting the wheels in motion.

06 March 2008

the return of the son of blog!

yes blog!

all kids love blog!

and now, onto random items:

random item #1 - not much new traction on the film front...yet. two weeks ago, apple (finally) unveiled their new macbook pro. it's definitely faster. so, it won't be too long before i hit up chris (dedicated employee of apple) for it. and since it will come preloaded with final cut pro, i'll be taking a class once a week at the local apple store to learn how to use it. i have also special ordered the book "beyond the seen: how walter murch edited cold mountain using final cut pro" from borders. it should arrive this week. now, i've never seen cold mountain, but the book goes into how final cut pro has changed the film industry. so, the book is mine. i have also finished reading lovecraft's "dunwich horror". great story and lots of fodder for film ideas.

ramdom item #2 - on the subject of my ear problems, i saw my doctor last week and he gave me encouraging news: there is a chance that i'll recover from this. it's just going to take time (possibly as long as a year). i'm not out of the woods yet (not by a long shot). however, if it's one thing that i've learned from this experience, it's patience. so, for the time being, it's situation normal: avoid noisy situations. rule of thumb: if something requires me to wear earplugs, i can't do it.

random item #3 - if you're not watching lost, then you're missing out on one of the best television shows ever.

random item #4 - michigan weather sucks. tomorrow night, we will be getting the nine billionth snow storm of the season.

random item #5 - daylight savings time sucks. not only will we be saddled with a snow storm this weekend, we'll also lose an hour on top of that.

and now, dinner time.