14 February 2008

it's that time again...

that's right, gentle readers.

it's black thursday!

time to get out your nick drake albums and tattered copies of h.p. lovecraft stories or doom patrol comic books.

join me and celebrate the hallmark suckage!


05 February 2008

brief update

wow, it's been a month since my last update.

life stuff has been getting in the way of the updates. won't bore you with it.

the good news is that there has been a little more movement on the film front. chris has purchased his new macbook pro and will be getting the camera by the end of the month. the latest rumour is that apple will be dropping the new macbook pro in another month, so that's when i'll be getting mine. with the new laptop, i'll have final cut pro and logic studio. i plan on setting up some one on one final cut pro classes with a certified apple instructor at briarwood mall.

more importantly, chris and i met this past saturday and went over my notes. we worked out quite a few items and may have cracked the bonfire scene. also, chris came up with a really cool way to dispatch one of the lead characters.

i'm getting pretty close to starting to write the script. i plan on reading a few more lovecraft stories and writing a revised outline based on my meeting with chris. then, away we go.

more later.