04 January 2008

and cthulhu's tentacles shall envelope the earth...

while my car was at the shop this morning, i sat at home and watched charlie rose's interview with paul thomas anderson and daniel day lewis about their new film "there will be blood". at the same time, i was laying on the couch and reading that cronenberg interview book.

then the stars must have aligned because i figured out how we can film the last sequence of the film (for a hint as to what this scene entails, look at the title of the post). it will be done practically and in camera.

and, if we do it right, it will be completely convincing and totally creepy.

i have diagrams and notes to illustrate this to chris when next we meet.

in other news, i just finished watching cronenberg's "eastern promises". i need to watch it again. at first blush, i don't think it is as powerful as "a history of violence".

i'll be watching it again soon.


i've written a very rough three page outline of the script. it's an interesting process because i have more questions than answers. i think that some, if not most, of the questions will be solved in the script and some of them will be solved on set.

i'm still concerned about how we're going to pull off the bonfire and final sequence (our cecil b. demille shot). i assume that chris has some ideas. i sent him a text message earlier this evening after i finished the rough outline. we're going to meet when our schedules allow.

i also finished reading mike figgis' book "digital filmmaking". this is a great book about the basics of filmmaking in the digital world. figgis even goes beyond digital filmmaking and starts out describing how he came up in the film world. he also goes into his basic philosophy behind filmmaking in general. i plan on getting chris a copy.

something that i have learned during this process is that the best how-to books about filmmaking are the shortest. they cut right to the core and get to it.

i'm now reading a series of interviews with david cronenberg. he is one of my top five favourite filmmakers. treat yourself and rent "spider", "a history of violence", "scanners", "videodrome"...cronenberg is one of a kind. i just picked up his most recent film "eastern promises"...haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but plan to before i go back to work on monday.